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House Talk


Welcome to HOUSE TALK - a series of articles concerning your home environment and how transformations can be made. Your home really is your castle and we all recognize that within our homes, we need peace, beauty, and inspiration to renew and invigorate our spirits in this complicated and often hectic world.  Glass/Sabine will offer this on-going column as a forum for homeowners to share their ideas and views on transformations ranging from the very simple to the more complex. We also welcome your questions - you may email us to ask about design challenges you are facing in your own homes.  




Staging - The Art of Setting the Scene

Capturing the essence and innate beauty inherent to every house is the goal of the Glass-Sabine Team. One of the best ways to do this is through "staging" - the art of setting the scene for prospective buyers. 

To learn more about our unique approach to staging - click here.

For further information or questions for our House Talks column, 
please contact Glass/Sabine by email:  sheila@gs-t.com  
or call us at 510-326-5055.

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