Craftsman-style home on 'stage'

A flautist played as music billowed up the meadows of Stone-wall. Cappuccinos, accompanied by the Wall Street Journal, adorned a small table, while crusty breads, persimmons, pomegranates, and wildflower arrangements created warmth and beauty in other parts of the home.

"It's like being set in your own private woods," says Judith Glass, realtor for Prudential California Realty. Glass and her partner, Sheila Sabine—agents for this show-case property who have worked their staging magic to accent the beauty of the property at 133 Stonewall Road in Berkeley, designed by local architect Ben Tarcher.

Presentation, or staging, is what Sabine and Glass do best. The team works with sellers to make their homes stand out from the competition by creating an atmosphere of beauty and peace. As virtual interior designers, Sabine and Glass' staging services include everything from bringing in pieces of furniture, to creating flower arrangements or pieces of art for the tables or walls. Their fee: no charge.

"I do this work because it makes prospective buyers feel welcome giving them a sense of the home's potential. Every home has personality, especially here at Stonewall. Its our job to work with

clients and ask: 'What's beautiful? What's great and where are the problems?' And then do something really creative," says Sabine. "Not only do homes sell quickly, but its not unusual for multiple offers to come in for over the asking price."

The team's approach to staging centers on three principles: See, Simplicity and Select. "We walk into a house and try to see it for what it really is—the bones of the house. We then see what we can do to simplify the surroundings, after which, we begin selecting pieces that make the buyers say 'Wow!'"

Sabine and Glass set the stage from the very first open house. In order to give potential buyers the most accurate sense of the home, Tarcher was on hand for the first two open houses to answer questions and share specifics.

Sabine and Glass transformed the once barren boy's room into what Sabine calls magical setting. "We brought beautiful paper fans, gold umbrellas and transparent drapes. We set up the Scrabble board to read "Beautiful Home.'"

However, the team's promotional efforts have moved far beyond

We brought in paper fans and gold umbrellas. We set up the Scrabble board to read, 'Beautiful Home.'


staging. In order to entice potential buyers to tour this Craftsman showcase, Sabine and Glass have set up what they call "spontaneous Open Houses" to coincide with Cal football games or with local home and craft tours. "We want as many people as possible to see this truly amazing home," adds Glass.

And now the chill of fall is here, Sabine and Glass have added and additional incentive—a free trip for two to Hawaii for the lucky buyers, if the home is in escrow by November 30.

"We're convinced that we'll find just the right person very soon. If you know anyone who is interested, let us know and we'll deliver a fresh pineapple with an invitation!"

—Montclarion, Friday, November 8, 1996

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